If you follow Spigot, Inc., you have probably already noticed we like to go rogue – so today we had Taco Tuesday on a Wednesday! You also probably realized that there has been a ton of posts about food lately. That’s because we LOVE to eat and we love our FREE (that’s right, absolutely free) lunches every Monday and Wednesday even more. Not only do we get to eat delicious food, catered from local restaurants and chains in Fort Myers, we are able to socialize and eat  together as a team. Today’s Taco Wednesday was catered by Three Peppers Burrito. Three Peppers came in and set up a taco bar for the office to enjoy, and as you can see from the line (and how much fun everyone is having in the pictures) – it was a hit!

Three Peppers has a variety of delicious food to try, but today we got to create our own tacos from their catered taco bar. We had both crunchy and hard shells, home-made guac, a variety of salsas, choices of jasmine or brown rice AND a ton of toppings, just look at them all!

We love getting creative at Spigot, Inc. and this was the perfect way to blend our love for food, socializing AND creativity. If you feel like you are a creative individual and have what it takes to launch your career in dynamic and laid back culture, Spigot, Inc would like to speak with you.

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