Spigot Inc Wants to Taco About Lunch Today from 3 Pepper Burrito Co.

In queso you were wondering, Spigot Inc had an amazing taco bar for lunch from 3 Pepper Burrito Co. The break-room tables were lined with fresh ingredients waiting for us to build our taco, burrito or salad. We had steak, chicken and pulled pork for our protein choices. The pulled pork seemed to be a crowd favorite at Spigot Inc as it was the first tray to become empty; however all were amazing.

The owners of 3 Pepper Burrito Co make their own tortillas, and if you visit one of the three locations, they come hot off the griddle. All of the ingredients are fresh, nothing comes from a bag or a in a can or a jar. The cheese is all natural and delicious. If you’re afraid of the burn, hold the jalapenos as they could light a fire! #3PB

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