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Slack Mobile Gets a Dark Mode

Spigot, Inc. is really big on communication and collaboration and one of the ways we communicate is  Slack. Everyone has it on their phones and laptops and we’re all part of a ton of channels based on team and location where we can all keep in touch and make sure our products are running! Slack is about to get even better and  announced that it is starting to test a dark mode for users, joining others, like the mail app for Windows 10 and Facebook Messenger. It’s not available to everyone just yet, but it is rolling out to beta testers.

9to5Mac and 9to5Google spotted the iOS and Android updates, noting that the feature is currently being tested, and helpfully points out how to activate it for yourself. To get it now, you have to be part of Slack’s beta testing program which is something you can join. You can join by heading over to the app’s settings, and scroll down to the “Join Beta” section, which prompts you to provide your name and e-mail address. Once approved and you update your app accordingly, you’ll then have a toggle that will allow you to turn the mode on in settings. 9to5Google says that the Android app will prompt you to restart the app, whereas the iOS version will automatically switch.

An Android Q leak earlier this year revealed that Google is planning to roll out a system-wide dark mode, while a developer build revealed last month that Google Chrome will also get the option later this spring. The feature is increasingly popular with users, as it helps conserve one’s battery life, and it’s a bit easier on your eyes — not a trivial thing if you’re on Slack day in and day out during the work week.

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Spigot, Inc. Takes on Barcelona for Mobile Conference

Last week a few members from our Spigot, Inc. Mobile team got the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and attend the Mobile World Congress Conference. The GSM Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, and incorporate a thought-leadership conference featuring prominent executives representing global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners. It was extremely beneficial for us to be there because we got to meet new clients, develop new business relationships and learn about all the latest technology. There were a ton of mobile products, robots and smart cars. Of course – they also took the opportunity to do some team building on a few winery tours; Oller del Mas & Finca ca n’Estella, tried kava for the first time, caught a glimpse of Carnival AND they even got to take a client out to dinner at one of the top restaurants in the world: Manairo.

Spigot, Inc. has a ton of perks, but travelling is one of the best. Spigot, Inc. along with our parent and sister companies have several offices all over the world so employees frequently get to visit them. If an international company with the perk of travelling appeals to you, we would love to hear from you!

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Samsung Reveals New Foldable Smart Phone

For all of you Samsung/Android lovers out there (there’s plenty in the Spigot, Inc. office) Samsung revealed their new Galaxy Fold yesterday. A smart phone that folds to fit in your pocket or open to the size of a tablet, but you better have steep pockets because it starts at $1980! The Samsung does, however, come with wireless earbuds, three-app multitasking and there will be a 5G version available.

There are a ton of other features that come along with this new smart phone, to check out all of the details – read this article by The Verge.

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Spigot, Inc. Attends Affiliate Summit West 2019

Welcome to Las Vegas! A team from Spigot, Inc. just got back from attending Affiliate Summit West 2019 and it was one of the most productive yet. The conference floods Vegas with more than 6,000 digital marketers, top companies and key decision makers in the space and Spigot, Inc. is one of them. Affiliate Summit was held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas for the performance marketing industry’s premier global event. 

A little bit about the conference:

  • Over 200 expert speakers and tech talks
  • Networking zones: Area with bar and games to unwind and network right in the center of the exhibit hall
  • Affiliate Summit Meet Market: Packed with affiliates, vendors, merchants, networks, technology providers, digital agencies and traffic sources.

Spigot, Inc. flooded their calendars with meetings and network events, found new partners and learned about new companies. Overall it was a really productive conference and we can’t wait to go back!

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Shenzhen Genimous Information Technology Co., Ltd. Partners with Spigot as our Advertising Partner in China

Spigot, Inc. is rapidly growing and in our effort to expand in the Asian Market, we have entered into an agreement with our China Partner, Shenzhen Genimous Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Spigot, Inc. is a digital performance-based marketing company dedicated to providing superior results for our advertisers and media partners – we combine best-in-class expertise in media optimization and targeting with our in-house analytics & big-data technologies. Spigot, Inc. President, Ryan Stephens, expressed his gratitude by saying: “A contributor of Spigot, Inc.’s growth and success is gaining a presence globally. We are very fortunate for this opportunity to enter into an agreement and expand into the Asian Market. We are excited about this partnership and looking forward to its success.”

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Scammers Trick iPhone Users into Downloading Expensive Apps

iPhone users surfing the app store generally think that they are safe, but it turns out recently scammers have found a way around Apples “secure” user interface and are tricking customers into downloading free applications that actually have extremely pricey subscriptions. According to an article in Tech Crunch, “They do this by intentionally confusing users with their app’s design and flow, by making promises of “free trials” that convert after only a matter of days, and other misleading tactics.”

According to an article posted in Business Insider, “The No. 69 top-grossing app on the United States App Store was called Scanner App. It used your iPhone’s camera to scan documents, and it worked — but it cost as much $4 per week, or over $200 per year, and wasn’t honest about signing people up for the recurring bill, according to user reviews.”

Apple soon will have a huge influx of unhappy customers on their hands if they don’t make a change and it looks like they may be forced to.

If you want to read more about this, Forbes and Mashable also wrote articles giving iPhone users a heads up to search and download more carefully!

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Finding Datasets Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks To Google

Just last week, Google released a new type of search engine specifically designed around the idea of helping people find data. It’s named “Dataset Search” and essentially it provides easy access to millions of datasets across thousands of data repositories on the web. Dataset Search is currently for everyone to use with easy access. Google stated the benefits this new launch specifically has for journalists and data scientists “To enable easy access to this data, we launched Dataset Search, so that scientists, data journalists, data geeks, or anyone else can find the data required for their work and their stories, or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.” According to Search Engine Journal, this new Google engine search is largely dependent on the scheema markup for dataset providers that was rolled out in July.

Dataset Search is available in multiple languages and works just like any other search engine. Just type in what you’re looking for and Google will return relevant datasets. For more awesome industry news, be sure to check out our Spigot, Inc. blog and be sure to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot Inc lifestyle & news!

It’s Time to Monetize on Facebook Stories

Facebook stories have become very popular and now it’s time to monetize. “Advertisers can extend their Instagram Stories ads to Facebook Stories, or have Facebook reformat their News Feed ads with color-matched image borders and ad copy text shown at the bottom.” Spigot, Inc shares the news from TechCrunch.

After 14 months of silence since launching, Facebook Stories has finally announced a 150 million daily active user count for its Snapchat Stories clone. And now it’s time to earn some money off it. Facebook Stories will start testing its first ads today in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

They’re 5- to 15-second video ads users can skip, and while there’s no click-through or call to action now, Facebook plans to add that in the coming months. Advertisers can easily extend their Instagram Stories ads to this new surface, or have Facebook automatically reformat their News Feed ads with color-matched borders and text at the bottom. Facebook also plans to give businesses more metrics on their Stories performance to convince them the feature is worth their ad dollars.

Continue the article on TechCrunch.

Consumers do not Mind Ads on Mobile if they are Optimized Properly

Spigot, Inc learned that adults in the UK do not mind ads on mobile if they are properly optimized. Read the full story from Marketing Tech News.

Ads can be annoying, especially on mobile. But, according to research IAB UK the main source of annoyance for consumers using mobile is not the ads themselves, but the fact that a lot of them aren’t optimised for the format.

12,000 UK adults were asked about their feelings towards mobile advertising, and the vast majority of them are in favour of ads in order to keep online content free. 84% prefer ads to paying for an ad-free experience.

“A sustainable future is about making the experience work for everyone in the digital ecosystem, most importantly, people,” said Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer at IAB UK.

“Context is not a new concept, but we are still seeing a lot of ads not fit for purpose, and this report shows there are big benefits for brands that optimise for smartphones.”

The biggest factor that is likely to squander consumer goodwill towards ads is anything that makes whatever they are trying to do more difficult to do. Clunky, screen-filling ads that have people furiously jabbing at their screens are not likely to end in a conversion, unless by accident.

“When it comes to mobile, brands often use TV ads or desktop creative for a mobile environment and expect it to work. This is not the right approach and never will be,” said Ben Phillips, Global Head of Mobile, at MediaCom.



SR .Net Developers WANTED at Spigot Inc

Are you always thinking of great ideas and would like to have the opportunity to act on them? Now’s your chance. Spigot Inc is hiring for a Senior .Net Developer. Continue reading to find out if you would be the perfect fit!


Spigot Inc specializes in developing, monetizing, and promoting free applications to millions of users every day through all major app platforms: mobile, tablet, social, desktop, and browser. Our Apps team has a strong analytical focus that must react quickly in a fast-paced environment. Our success is fueled by employee innovation, data driven decisions and a startup mentality. Our team is comprised of Software Engineers, Web Developers, Media Buyers, Account Managers and Business Intelligence Analysts. This position is in Spigot Inc’s Fort Myers office. Our employees enjoy free lunches, free benefits, unlimited time off, no dress code and company team building trips.

Position Overview

The person is an experienced senior software engineer that will create, maintain and scale out both new and existing high-volume web applications.  Specific duties include:

  1. Developing, analyzing, troubleshooting high volume web systems with backend SQL Server, Linux and Windows database administration
  2. Building, maintaining and optimizing the back-end platforms for high volume web systems
  3. Software Development, coding applications using .Net, Python, C#, HTML, CSS or Javascript
  4. Architect and develop new products and enhance current product features based on market changes and opportunities
  5. Refactor, update, and revitalize codebases as advances in technology allow for more capabilities.
  6. Troubleshoot and fix system failures and system performance, especially as systems scale

The successful candidate will be an inspiring and confident leader with at least:

  • 5 years of experience in software development
  • Strong knowledge of .NET, Python & C#
  • Experience developing high volume web systems with backend SQL Server databases
  • Experience with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • An eye for usability
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

The successful candidate will also demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Independent Decision Making:Ability to work autonomously with little supervision and a high attention to detail and quality. Uses analysis, consistent rationality and objectivity when making decisions. Anticipates consequences of judgments.
  • Adaptable:The ability to find solutions and deliver results within a rapid fast changing, entrepreneurial, technology-driven culture. Willing and able to learn multiple, diverse technologies rather than leaning on a single ‘favorite’.
  • Results Oriented:Motivated and able to juggle the dueling needs of a ‘best’ and ‘fastest’ solution. Not interested in the academic process of coding so much as the bottom line impact.
  • Communication (written & oral):Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to establish, develop and maintain business relationships, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with cross functional teams.

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