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Foosball Craze at Spigot, Inc.!

Today was an exciting day here at Spigot, Inc.!  We love to have fun and to compete with one another and there’s no better way than Foosball competitions. We have so many competitions that we can’t stop wearing out our foosballs. Our new Office Assistant, FGCU Graduate Megan Wells, started her career with us today and her first task was to order us some more balls. We can’t just have any foosballs, though – we have to order the top of the line OFFICIAL Tornado Dynamo Shelti Foosballs to ensure we are playing as precisely as possible. Our total order for the day came to over $40! Working hard to accomplish our goal is our number one priority, but playing hard to increase company morale and bring friendly competition is also a top priority.


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Spigot Inc Shares from WSJ the Top Advertising Business Questions for 2018

2017 was a big year for the advertising business. Spigot Inc shares the top advertising business questions courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

It was a big year for advertising advancements and controversies, as agencies, media companies, and measurement and digital firms sought new ways to reach and track today’s elusive consumers. But questions remain for the top companies in the ad business as we head into 2018. Here are just a few of the biggest question marks—and the people who may hold the answers.

Will Amazon become an advertising powerhouse?

Amazon has quietly been building up an ad business that includes search and banner ads on its e-commerce platform and ads around its streaming NFL games for Amazon Prime members. It even uses its prized data to help advertisers target audiences on other websites. But the ad business hasn’t been a top priority for Amazon…until now. Under Amazon’s vice president of global ad sales, Seth Dallaire, the company is more aggressively courting ad buyers. Those advertisers and the holding companies that guard their billion-dollar budgets are taking note and working with Mr. Dallaire’s team to find new ways to spend with the coveted e-commerce giant. It may take years to pry a meaningful amount of spending from the so-called advertising duopoly of Facebook and Google, but his efforts are worth watching regardless.

What impact will Marcel have on Publicis’s business?

Publicis this summer set off a shock wave in the ad industry when it announced it was pulling out of Cannes and other large events in 2018 to save money to invest in Marcel—an “artificial intelligence” platform to facilitate more collaboration and communication among its global offices. The technology may also help the agency use its resources more efficiently. It’s a bold bet by Arthur Sadoun, who took over as chief executive of Publicis in June, at a time when the business is grappling with client spending cuts and change brought on by the shift to digital advertising. Madison Avenue will be keeping an eye on how Marcel helps evolve the challenged ad services business in ways humans can’t.

How will Nielsen evolve its business?

Nielsen has long reigned over TV viewing measurement—the crucial metrics that underpin most networks’ advertising sales. But as viewing habits shift from traditional TV providers to a range of digital platforms, the company has had to scramble to find new ways to capture audiences across devices and services and then convince media buyers and sellers to adopt new metrics. Nielsen has made strides in cross-platform measurement, finding new ways to better measure viewing outside of the home, on Netflix and on other digital media platforms like YouTube. Still, in its “Watch” division, which houses the media measurement products, the company’s “Total Content Ratings” metric has been met with skepticism by some TV networks. And its “Buy” unit, which includes measurement and analytics products for packaged goods brands and retailers, also has come under pressure due to the “challenging fast-moving consumer goods environment in the U.S.,” according to a recent earnings statement from Nielsen CEO Mitch Barns. In the year ahead, all eyes will be on Mr. Barns. Will he consider building out new digital measurement capabilities through acquisition or even spinning off parts of the business?

Will WPP continue to consolidate its shops or take more drastic measures?

WPP has had one of the toughest financial years in its history, with few signs of a sustained turnaround in the new year. As the largest ad holding company in the world grapples with client cutbacks and changing consumer habits, WPP is rethinking its organizational structure to create more marketing integration, flexibility and cost efficiency for clients. WPP CEO Martin Sorrell has spent the past year combining various agency groups within the holding company. He moved digital agency Possible into Wunderman and reduced the company’s media agency portfolio by moving Maxus people and resources into MEC (which was renamed Wavemaker) and Essence. He also clumped together health-care and branding agencies. But there’s still more work to be done for WPP to get back on track. Will Mr. Sorrell continue to consolidate his shops or take more drastic measures, such as merging with a large consultancy or selling underperforming assets?

Will Accenture and other consulting firms start to be a real threat?

Pierre Nanterme didn’t build a career on Madison Avenue. But the Accenture CEO is one to watch as the consulting firm continues to muscle its way into the marketing services business. To boost its Accenture Interactive group, the company has acquired numerous ad and marketing firms, including Matter, Rothco, Clearhead and Wire Stone in 2017 alone. Large consulting firms are no match for ad holding companies quite yet, but they’re certainly top of mind for ad executives gearing up for heightened competition. Perhaps 2018 will be the year Accenture—or its rivals—make a more aggressive acquisition play, or start to win more large and lengthy marketing assignments.

Will advertisers stick with Snap?

It has been a bit of a rough year for Snap. In the months since its public offering, the company has seen its share price falter and user growth slow significantly amid heightened competition from much larger rival Facebook and its Instagram platform. But the company in recent months has focused its efforts on getting users to log on more frequently, starting with a redesign to simplify the Snapchat app and promote more relevant content. Snap also has been working to build out its ad sales operation under Viacom veteran Jeff Lucas. Still, it remains to be seen if the company can get its user growth back on track, and whether advertisers will continue to increase their spending with Snap or refocus their energies on another player that can reach younger consumers and potentially challenge the duopoly.

Full article here on WSJ…

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Spigot Inc Shares How Brands are Getting A Voice from Amazon, Apple and Google

As of right now, most voice powered devices are not completely recognizing brands… but things are changing. Amazon, Apple and Google are all making these upgrades to better serve their users. Just like at Spigot Inc, our users are our number one priority!

“For decades, listening to ‘the voice of the customer’ has been the Holy Grail for marketers. Now, thanks to technology, they can do it millions of times each day.

According to Google and Bing, one in four searches is conducted by talking, not typing, a figure comScore predicts will reach 50 percent by 2020. That same year Echo alone will account for $7 billion in voice transactions—or vcommerce—per investment firm Mizuho Bank.

Voice is having its moment. People are talking, devices are listening and brands are attempting to insert themselves into the conversation, using Amazon Alexa voice skills and Google Home apps.”

Read the entire article on Adweek.

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Amazon is Shaking up the Ads Industry – Spigot Inc Explains

There is a lot of talk about Amazon and its power in the search industry at DMEXCO. Spigot Inc shares the announcement from DMEXCO.

“After testing search-based ads with agencies and brands, Kenshoo is making Amazon ads readily available to all marketers through an API integration today. According to Yoav Izhar-Prato, co-founder and CEO of Kenshoo, Amazon could be the hottest new player in search because “whether it’s about brand awareness or down to performance across devices, it just works.”

He added, “People very much underestimate the power and promise that Amazon brings to the table. It is the emergence of brand and performance, and it’s the first time that we’re seeing this coming together. Amazon right out of the gate is speaking very well to those consumer-goods companies that are trying to reach consumers, because Amazon is the solution of choice for the consumer, and what we’ve seen in almost every metric is promising.”

Read the entire article on Adweek

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It’s Primeday at Amazon – Spigot Inc Shares Some Pointers

For all of you online shoppers, it’s like Cyber Monday today with Amazon Primeday. We have a lot who shop the internet at Spigot Inc and started surfing around for the deals last night.

Not everyone at Spigot Inc is signed up for Prime. If you haven’t taken advantage of Amazon Prime and fall in that same category, don’t fret, you can still get in on the deals. Sign up for a 30 day trial membership… but here is the key- if you do not remember to turn off the auto renew, you could be a prime member for life.

Like a good scavenger hunt? Look for the hidden badge and get an additional 20% off of the already discounted prices.

A couple of us at Spigot Inc found that not all of the deals are a bargain. Be sure to do your research before you click that Buy Me Now button. Also, double check that the price hasn’t expired before completely checking out. Happy shopping!

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Amazon is Moving On Up – Spigot Inc Shares the Top BrandZ’s List

Google, Microsoft and Apple are certainly hard brands to beat. It’s not a shock to see Amazon movin’ on up the list. We were a little surprised at Spigot Inc to see Amazon rise above Facebook, but predictions suggest that Amazon grew 41% since last year and has received “prime” property and in the Top 5! Read the full article here…

Spigot Inc Wants to Know if Shopping in a Store is so Yesterday?

We have the world at our fingertips thanks to the internet. Amazon, which I would assume (because I only shop on the internet) most do not know, have storefronts. It appears that being in a store hasn’t lost it’s appeal. Although the digital success of Amazon has built their empire, the storefronts are still making headway. Spigot Inc wants to know your thoughts. Read more below.

“A few hours after vacationer Sariah Lutkin landed in New York City on Wednesday from Cologne, Germany, she saw a sign about the new Amazon store in Gotham’s Columbus Circle area. There’s no such storefront for the ecommerce giant in Europe, so Lutkin, an customer, decided to check out the mall-based location that opened on Thursday.

Lutkin, who is moving to Munich in a couple of months, said that if Amazon opened a store in the Bavarian capital, she would “regularly” patronize it.”  Read the full story here…

When Shopping, Spigot Inc Wants to Know if you Search Amazon or Google?

Although Google is the search engine giant, Spigot Inc is curious when shopping, do you search on Amazon or Google first? Typically when shopping, I tend to go straight to Amazon. Are you doing the same, or is Google still your “go to” for all things search? Let us know via our Spigot, Inc social channels Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

“While Google knows what people are searching for and Facebook knows what people are interested in and who they are connected to, Amazon knows the specific products that customers are purchasing and how frequently they are purchasing these products.” Read full article here…