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Spigot, Inc. Mobile Team Gets Champagne Delivered to Their Doors for Hitting Goal!

spigot inc mobile goal celebrationSpigot, Inc.’s Mobile Team hit another milestone last week – and since the team can’t be together, everyone on the team was delivered their own bottle of Vueve Clicquot champagne  to celebrate this huge win! Spigot, Inc.’s mobile team hung onto the bottle until last Friday morning so everyone could celebrate together. Half of our mobile team is in Romania (which is an 8 hour time difference)- so everyone jumped on a Zoom at 10am Florida time for Mimosas in the US & Happy hour in Romania and toasted to crushing their goal.

Spigot, Inc. thinks it is extremely important to celebrate benchmarks, goals and wins and the last time the mobile team hit their goal, they even got a visit from Kevin the dog! Employee happiness is a huge contributing factor of success to our organization, and even during quarantine – we are still finding ways to keep morale high, encourage team building and celebrate big and small wins.

Spigot, Inc. is extremely fortunate to have the group of smart and motivated individuals dedicated to the growth of our company. We really appreciate our employees and their dedication – Spigot, Inc. is extremely excited to see what the next celebration has for us (Team trip anyone?!).

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Our Mobile Apps Business is Growing RAPIDLY and We Need Android Developers!!

Just like we stated in our previous article – Spigot, Inc. is STILL hiring! Our business is a completely internet based company and due to the influx of people being at home, we have had a significant amount of additional traffic to our products (and some have even hit all-time highs!). We are still looking to expand our business, working through Slack & Zoom and sending new hires “work from home” stations, so they have the ability to work from home until this all passes. Yes – navigating through this has been a little challenging, and we are all excited for the day we can collaborate in the office again, but for now Spigot, Inc. is extremely fortunate to be in the situation we are in as a business. That being said – if you are looking for a new position, we would LOVE to hear from you! We have several openings, but wanted to highlight this one today as our Mobile Team is our fastest growing business in the organization right now! Check out the job description below and feel free to apply on Linkedin or our Website! Looking forward to hearing from you!

The person is an experienced Senior Android Developer that will create, maintain and scale out both new and existing high-volume mobile applications.  Specific duties include:

  1. Developing, analyzing, troubleshooting high volume mobile systems with Java and Android SDK
  2. Building, maintaining and optimizing the platforms for high volume web systems
  3. Software Development, coding applications using Java, Python, C#, or Javascript
  4. Architect and develop new products and enhance current product features based on market changes and opportunities
  5. Refactor, update, and revitalize codebases as advances in technology allow for more capabilities.
  6. Troubleshoot and fix system failures and system performance, especially as systems scale

The successful candidate will be an inspiring and confident leader with at least:

  • 5+ years in Java and Android SDK Development
  • Experience working with launchers or other system level applications
  • Excellent UI Architecture design ability with experience building
    libraries of reusable UI elements
  • Experience working on collaborative engineering teams
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering, or related field of study or comparative experience
  • Self-starter with an entrepreneurial drive that enjoys fast pace change

Spigot, Inc. has an amazing culture with a really laid-back fun work environment. We offer amazing benefits (100$ Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance paid, 401k Match, Unlimited Vacation Days & FREE LUNCH & Snacks). Send your resume to for review! Check out all of our adventures on the Spigot Inc blog. Be sure to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot, Inc. lifestyle!