Spigot Inc Pops Out a Surprise Party for the Team

Imagine… all of a sudden, in the middle of the day, the music starts blaring out of no where in the office. We weren’t sure what was going on, but we were all excited to find out. However, I do not think any of us at Spigot Inc Fort Myers were prepared for what was to come. What would you do if you were walking to the other side of the building and find a jump house with a velcro wall attempting to be blown up by Let’s Bounce in the office? Jump of course! We had to wait as measurements weren’t correct so we had to find another solution. With the Spigot Inc crew, that didn’t take long. We moved the bounce house outside and the fun began.

Spigot Inc wanted to ensure that everyone was having fun and didn’t have to tend bar, so we brought over a few bartenders to assist with drink service. They were pulled in from our neighboring restaurant, Twin Peaks and were happy to join in the fun. I’m quite sure the girls weren’t expecting this kind of party… on a Tuesday!


The surprises kept rolling in at Spigot Inc. This crew loves karaoke and the next thing you know we had Jimmy Mac’s Juke Box setting up for an afternoon of rap, great voices and of course, true karaoke style… not so great voices! The office lights were dimmed and we turned the Spigot Inc office into a full on disco tech. There was tons of dancing, singing and a whole lot of rapping! Thanks Jimmy Mac for making this happen at the last minute.

While all of us at Spigot Inc were jumping around to each activity, in walked Picachu! He stayed with us at the office for some fun pictures as well as danced with the team. We were certainly thankful that Event Planning – Florida Events was able to bring Picachu to life for us on such a short notice!

The afternoon ended with a champagne toast to an awesome team. You never know what to expect at Spigot Inc! Come join the fun.

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