Spigot Inc Visits Dracula’s Castle & Coliba Haiducilor

Bran Castle, popularly known as Dracula’s Castle, had a visit from our Spigot Inc Romania team as well as a few team members who were in town from our Fort Myers office. Spigot Inc takes pride in rewarding the team with expeditions that are not only fun, but an opportunity to build relationships with colleagues outside of the office. We hope you aren’t disappointed to learn that the castle was not really Dracula’s, but a myth.

While in the area, Spigot Inc enjoyed a delicious meal at Coliba Haiducilor. Not only were the views amazing, they found the food to be some of the best in Romania!

Come join our team and enjoy our next trip! Keep checking the career page to find out the latest openings and see if you are a fit.


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