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Spigot, Inc. #ThrowbackThursday

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world of beer triviaSpigot, Inc. is on week 8 of quarantine, and not seeing one-another in person, so we figured we’d high-light some of the activities that went on a year ago in May! Spigot, Inc. takes pride in their company culture and all the things we do to provide a sense of “community” in the office between team members. beerpong spigotinc partyThe first two weeks of May 2019 were a blast according to #throwbackthursday! Spigot, Inc. threw an in-office Cinco de Mayo party with a pinata filled with baby nerf guns, candy and collectible cards. Spigot, Inc. employees also got together and went bowling at Headpinz, played (and won, duh) trivia at World of Beer, had an all-company Happy Hour at WOB, ate lunch together in the office – and just participated in overall collaboration in our couch areas.

Spigot, Inc. employees really miss their competitive games of darts, ping ping, Super smash and Foosball. Hopefully we’ll be back in the office soon enough – with a bunch of new employees!

Spigot, Inc. is STILL hiring – we have brought on an additional 8 employees since quarantine, and are seeking to hire more. If you think we’d be a good fit for your next career move, send your resume to for review! Check out all of our adventures on the Spigot Inc blog. Be sure to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot, Inc. lifestyle!


Spigot, Inc. Cinco de Mayo Maddness

Today was not an ordinary day at Spigot, Inc. – at 3:30 everyone was surprised with an avocado and a donkey pinata hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the office and festive music blaring for an early Cinco de Mayo party! Everyone gathered around – grabbed some blindfolds (Spigot leggings, lol), spun in circles and got a chance to take a shot at knocking them down and finding prizes inside. Turns out – it was a lot harder than it looks and everyone ended up swinging around aimlessly (It was hilarious). After a few people finally got them down – they were surprised with mini bottles of tequila, margarita coasters, margarita sunglasses, tons of candy, confetti and Magic the Gathering cards!

Afterwards everyone hung out in our main area, made margaritas and played games. We had a great time celebrating Cinco de Mayo, taking a break from our desks and just hanging out as a team!

If you want to join a company that believes having fun is also an important part of the job, send us your resume to 

Also – check out all of our adventures and stay tuned for pictures of the renovation on the Spigot Inc blog. Be sure to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot Inc lifestyle.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Spigot Inc!

After a great work week at Spigot Inc, it’s time to relax and mingle with colleagues. Not only is it Friday, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Spigot Inc is going to celebrate with fresh made 7 layer dip, chips, salsa and a Cerveza or Margarita.

If we are lucky, maybe our General Manager will pull out the guitar, gather some other colleagues and serenade us! Mmmmmm… I’m guessing no, but he is a great musician and keeps a guitar at the Spigot Inc office.

It’s 5’oclock somewhere, sure is, at Spigot Inc Fort Myers! Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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