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Spigot, Inc. Celebrates Chinese New Year at ASW with Las Vegas!

Spigot, Inc. not only got the awesome opportunity to attend Affiliate Summit West this past week, BUT we also got to ring in the Chinese New Year! During all of the conferences in Las Vegas this week – the hotels on the strip decked OUT their lobby’s and restaurants with all kinds of Chinese New Year decor and the Cosmopolitan (Where most Spigot, Inc. employees stayed) had a huge celebration in the lobby. The celebration consisted of the famous Chinese “Lion Dance” – which is intended to bring luck and prosperity. Along with the dance; the performers participated in the “plucking of the greens,” where the performers picked up red envelopes of cash attached to green lettuce, and spit out the torn up leaves to signify the distribution of wealth and prosperity. After the Lion Dance – we then got to experience the “Dragon Dance,” which is also meant to bring luck and prosperity during the celebrations. This dance consisted of a large group of people carrying around a giant dragon and doing specific dance moves. It was really exciting for Spigot, Inc. to learn more about the Chinese Culture and Celebrate all the way from the US!

During the conference, a few Spigot, Inc. employees even got to try Dim Sum “Soup dumplings” at the Chinese Restaurant, Lemongrass and see all the decor in the Aria as well. The Aria had “Year of the Rat” decor everywhere. Every Chinese New Year a Zodiac sign is appointed and this year is the “Year of the Rat.” In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. Because of their reproduction rate, married couples also prayed to them for children. They are also considered clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life. 

Spigot, Inc. really values and appreciates our relationship with our parent company, Genimous Technologies.  it was awesome to have the opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Las Vegas at our conference!

If you want to be a part of a company that appreciates other cultures, promotes travel and all around employee happiness – Spigot, Inc. would like to speak with you!

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Spigot, Inc. Travels to China for 5th Annual Genimous Party!

For those of you just tuning into the Spigot, Inc. blog – Spigot, Inc. is owned by a parent company in Beijing, China called Genimous Technologies. Every year a group from Spigot, Inc. (and our sister companies) are invited to make the long (and totally worth it) haul out to China and attend the party. The beginning of the party consists of a huge stage with a ton of live entertainment, recognition for outstanding players and just overall fun. 

The party takes place in Genimous headquarters. Visiting the HQ is definitely a unique experience! It is set in 400-year-old Palace that was built for the 24th son of the Emperor Kangxi, who is considered by historians to be one of the greatest emperors in the history of China.  The HQ palace consists of 5 courtyards surrounded by buildings – which have now been converted into offices, conference rooms and banquet halls. It is currently home to over 300 of our 900 employees. It has a fully operating restaurant and hotel onsite with 8 rooms (which guests are invited to stay in!) and they are all crammed with Ming and Qing dynasty furniture to keep with the traditional theme. Genimous took over the palace from the former China Club Beijing.

Not only do Spigot, Inc. employees get the opportunity to celebrate with every year with Genimous – it gives them an opportunity to go over yearly goals, improvements and structure for the upcoming year.

We have a great relationship with our parent company, and really appreciate the opportunities we get to travel and see other parts of the world! If you want to be a part of a global company that promotes team-work and travel – Spigot, Inc. would LOVE to speak with you!

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Spigot, Inc. and Genimous Technologies Celebrate 4 Years of Success!

Last week a group from Spigot, Inc. got the opportunity to travel to our parent company, Genimous Technologies in Bejing, China to celebrate 4 years of success! Four years ago founder Michael Levit and current CEO, Ryan Stephens met with Hongda Lu and the rest of the Genimous family to discuss purchasing Spigot and joining Genimous at the Great Wall Hotel. To commemorate the occasion, Michael and Ryan – along with Rodrigo Sales returned to the Great Wall Hotel to reminisce about the first meeting and celebrate what we’ve built together since then.

All of the CEO’s from the companies under the Genimous umbrella also got the opportunity to go to lunch together at the Great Wall Hotel. Ryan spoke about over the past 4 years, not only have we become such good business partners, but we’ve all become such good friends.

Overall the trip was extremely successful and a great opportunity for Spigot and Genimous to build an even stronger bond.

If you want to join an international company that values their relationships, Spigot, Inc. wants to talk to you! Send us your resume to

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