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Spigot, Inc. Virtual Trivia Happy Hour = Big Success

Update: Week 6 on lock down – Spigot, Inc. is still working from home! If you follow our blog, you know that we frequently have parties, hang out with one another outside of the office, travel together and participate in team building events. We’ve decided to keep that going, but virtually! So last week – Spigot, Inc. put together a Spigot, Inc. Virtual Happy Hour for all employees to attend! We had a total of around 30 employees and 5 teams participate in the event. It was hosted through Zoom by Trivia Mafia – and was a BLAST! Not only was it fun to see one another in a group setting again, we got to compete – and there were even prizes at stake!

Trivia Mafia did a great job organizing the game. They helped us set up teams by using a Zoom registration. Once the teams were set up, we were all sent a Google forms document to fill in our answers. The host of the show read all 5 questions for the round, and then sent us off into Zoom “break-out” rooms to discuss our answers. We were given 5 minutes to submit our answers and then the host pulled us all back into the same room to let us trash talk (lol) – and read us the next set of questions.

The game was VERY close, and the questions were challenging – but fun! We will definitely be doing this again, and participating in their private online hosted events!

Spigot, Inc. really loves investing in their people – and creating a team and “fun” environment is one way we accomplish that. As we are in quarantine, we are continually looking for ways to promote comradery. This definitely won’t be our last “virtual” team event! Stay tuned to see what other fun things we’re up to!

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Spigot, Inc Supports Pace Center for Girls Throw a Girl a Lifeline Luncheon in Naples

Spigot, Inc was proud to support PACE Center for Girls today at their annual luncheon in Naples, which is the neighboring city to our offices in Fort Myers.

PACE Center for Girls Collier is located in the rural community of Immokalee, Florida and was founded in 1998. During the early years the Immokalee center served 35 girls and since then the center has grown to serve 67 girls every day. Led by Executive Director, Marianne Kearns, M.Ed. PACE Collier’s 23 staff consists of Masters level counselors and a full academic teaching staff. Working together, PACE Collier enables these young women to complete their education, build self-esteem, and develop personal, social and family relationship skills. Our one of a kind center includes a state of the art kitchen and a gymnasium. Two healthy meals are provided each day along with a growing physical education program where HS credits are being offered to our girls. The PACE Collier center strives to provide these services and more in a safe and loving environment.”

There were so many inspiring stories. The lunch from Naples Grande Beach Resort was phenomenal and the ambiance did not disappoint. Each table had one of the girls from Pace as their guest. It was nice to interact with these young ladies and hear their stories.

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