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Twitter: Something New Has Been Launched

Twitter now enables users to quickly react with an emoji to the direct messages they receive.

As Spigot Inc. has learned from Social Media Today, “Twitter has announced the launch of its new reactions-like option in direct messages, which enables users to allocate a quick emoji response to any message within a thread.”

Twitter explained that the procedure is quick and easy. Users can add a reaction not only to text messages but to media attachments too.

All they have to do is to double tap on the message and pick the emoji they want. If they change their mind, they can immediately undo the reaction.

When it comes to group chats, users can tap on the emoji to find out who reacted to their message.  Also, every time a new reaction is added they get notified.

Given the fact that a number of messaging platforms already provide these tools, makes sense for Twitter to be looking for new ways to enhance users’ experience.

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Twitter’s #BrandBowl52

Twitter wants to be the top social media destination for this year’s Super Bowl—not just for the game and the halftime entertainment, but also for the biggest ads of the year. That’s why Twitter has created the first #BrandBowl as a place for advertisers and users can congregate and discuss the Super Bowl. The #BrandBowl will hand out awards for ads—including brands who don’t advertise during the game—that drive the most Twitter engagement.

Ryan Oliver, Twitter’s head of brand strategy for the U.S. and Canada, calls #BrandBowl the “first ever social subscription for users to get TV spots delivered to them on Twitter.” It’s a relatively simple mechanism. Users simply retweet a tweet from Twitter’s marketing account (@TwitterMKTG) any time after Jan. 29 to activate both a Twitter notification in real time when ads air and a link to a Twitter moment after each quarter with video of each of ad.

Since brands will likewise have to opt-in to have their ads included, Twitter can’t promise that it will show users every ad that airs during the Super Bowl. But it does offer cord-cutters, busy partigoers and Super Bowl ad fans an easy way to catch up with or rewatch the night’s most talked-about ads.

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Spigot Inc – Twitter Beats Expectations in Revenue

Although Twitter continues to grow and exceed expectations in revenue, user growth fell flat in 2nd quarter this year. Spigot Inc shares the story from Adweek.

“After a couple of promising quarters showing an increase in user growth, Twitter once again seems to have fallen flat, with monthly active users failing to gain momentum.

In the company’s second-quarter earnings released today, Twitter said its monthly active users total remained at 328 million even while its overall revenue beat Wall Street’s expectations. However, it did say daily active users in the top 10 markets grew 12 percent year over year, but it wouldn’t disclose how many DAUs it actually has.”

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