Ping Pong is so popular at Spigot, Inc. that employees are now playing 3 on 3 ping pong! Players have to rotate hitting the ball between 3 people instead of two like the traditional game of doubles and it gets intense. Looks like it’s time for Spigot to get another ping pong table! As you can see behind the table there is a giant white board – and of course, that’s used to keep everyone’s scores (Yes – we’re also all super competitive). A huge perk to working for Spigot, Inc. is the abundance of games we have in the office. Everyone is extremely competitive and there is something for everyone here. In addition to ping pong, there is 2 foosball tables, a dart board, Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers and X-boxes and we’re always adding more!

Spigot, Inc. truly believes that breaks increase productivity, and getting mentally stuck is a road that leads to nowhere, so everyone is encouraged to take breaks when needed, so these games are a big contributor to our success.

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