Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is on more than 110 million PCs and tablets, according to company officials, up from 75 million just over a month ago.

Users have activated more than 110 million copies of Windows 10 since Microsoft began rolling out the operating system on July 29.


That’s the latest claim by company officials, as of October 6.

At Microsoft’s Windows 10 devices launch in New York City, Windows and Devices chief Terry Myerson disclosed the updated figure.

On August 29, Microsoft execs said Windows 10 was on more than 75 million devices, which was up from the 14 million figure — the number of copies activated in the first 24 hours the OS was available.

Back in August, when I asked, Microsoft said it was disclosing the number of Windows 10 copies activated by users, not the number of copies of the OS it had sold into the channel.

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