May 11, 2021
Christian Biron

Should You Be Using Signal’s Private Messaging App?

Signal is a messaging app, similar to WhatsApp or Telegram. However, Signal prioritizes users’ privacy by encrypting messages sent and received with the app. Signal was developed by the Signal Technology Foundation and Open Whisper Systems to be a privacy-friendly alternative to many of the popular messaging platforms on the market. All messages and calls on Signal are end-to-end encrypted, which means that no one can view the contents of your messages.

Why Use Signal?

If you’re already using an app like WhatsApp or Telegram to chat with people online, you may be thinking — why should I switch to signal? There are a number of reasons that Signal is better than traditional messaging apps or SMS texting on your phone. Signal does a better job of keeping your communications confidential and is open-source, which means you can verify what is happening when you use the app.

Signal Protects Your Privacy

Signal uses end-to-end encryption to keep anyone but the intended recipient of your message from viewing your messages. With this level of encryption, even if Signal gets hacked, the contents of your communications are safe. Signal does not use any of your information to advertise to you or to sell to third-parties.

You Can Trust Signal

Signal is open-source software, which means that you can view the source code for the app. This allows third-parties to verify Signal’s claims that it doesn’t track you or collect your information. Another benefit to using an open-source messenger is that you are 100 percent certain that there is no “back door” used for surveillance by governments or other organizations. Signal can’t decrypt messages for the government, for example, even under subpoena – not because of policy, but because it’s not technically possible.

How To Use Signal

Even though signal uses encryption and is very privacy-friendly, it’s incredibly easy to use. The functionality is the same as other messaging apps, like iMessage or WhatsApp.

Text Messaging: Signal allows you to send text messages to other Signal users, with a few great features like disappearing messages and expiring messages.

Voice Calls: Voice calls on Signal are encrypted just like text messages on the platform. It’s a great alternative to using an app like Google voice, which may link your communications to your Gmail and other accounts.

Video Calls: The video feature on Signal is as easy as FaceTime and Google Meetings, but adds the peace of mind that comes from using a private service.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you learned something about Signal and why it’s important to protect your privacy on the internet. For more information about Spigot and the products we love, connect with us on LinkedIn.