May 25, 2021
Christian Biron

How to Make a Carousel on New Version of Instagram

Changes in social media apps can be confusing. Young users are quick at understanding and experimenting, however, for middle-aged users, this can be a source of stress. With more and more small businesses thriving on social media, business owners need to be on top of things. Recently Instagram updated its app and there have been some changes.

If you are wondering how to make a photo carousel with the new version, you can follow these simple steps, according to The Verge:

  • Select the plus icon to add a post.
  • This opens the photo sections. Just above the photos on the left, there is an option to select a different folder for pictures.
  • Select the first picture by pressing and holding for a few seconds. The picture will be selected with number 1 appearing on it.
  • You can continue doing this until you have selected all the photos. This process is the only way to do it on iOS.
  • For Android, there is another option to select multiple photos. Above the photos on the right is an icon that appears to be two pages. You can select that and then select the photos.
  • Once done, proceed to posting the carousel.
  • Write a caption, add hashtags, and post.

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